Claire Holt’s Mini Bob


Claire Holt’s Mini Bob

I’m always getting request to do more short-hairstyles on the blog, and I love doing them. So many girls I know are afraid to cut their hair because they think their styling options will be limited. It’s NOT TRUE! Girls with short hair have just as much fun as mermaid-mane’d ladies.

Doing this style on Claire Holt was so much fun. She’s slowly been going shorter and shorter with her hair, and it makes her look so chic. This hairstyle in particular is such a 1920’s throwback, that it just screams sophistication.

Prep Spray
Volume Mousse
3/4″ Curling Iron
Bobby Pins
Flat Iron
Shine Spray

  1. Spray hair with prep spray to prepare the canvas for styling.
  2. Use a volume mousse at the roots.
  3. Take a 3/4-inch curling iron and wrap 1/2 inch sections around the iron going the same direction.
  4. In the next row curl in the opposite direction. This will give the hair more volume.
  5. Once you get to the last, top section, wrap hair away from the face, letting it drag a bit at the root.
  6. Once hair has cooled, gently press large sections with a flat-iron on low-heat to soften the bend and bounce of the wave.
  7. Break up with fingers.
  8. Take a v-section from the nape of the neck to back of the ear and pull top section out of the way.
  9. Create a french twist with the bottom half, securing with bobby pins.
  10. Finish with hairspray and shine spray.



What other hairstyles do you want me to show you?

  • I love Claire Holt! Is this her hairstyle in one of the flashbacks from The Originals?