A couple years ago I met designer, Amanda Thomas from LUV AJ jewelry while working on set. Not only did her creative designs catch my eye but her cool style, and fun nature. At the end of last year I was thinking of launching a hair accessory line, and Amanda was my first thought! We had been long time collaborators on look-books and editorials together so joining our creativity to make hair bling was a must. We created a selection of hair accessories, ranging from petite punk studded bobby pins, chain headpieces, to bad-ass statement hair combs. These pieces are hand-crafted in Los Angeles and perfect for a special night out or even an unconventional bride. Each style comes in brass plated 24kt Gold, Rose Gold, or Antique Silver, and can be worn many different ways.

See the full collection here, and the beauty video we made for you!



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One of the number one questions I frequently get asked is, “How can I get thicker fuller hair?”. If you’re not one of the lucky ducks that has hair like a horse then you will eat up these helpful tips! Your hair, skin, and nails are outgrowths of what you put into your body, so starting there is key. The results of this can take a few weeks. For you impatient peeps I added a few of my favorite styling products and tools that will give you immediate wam-bam results!  Here are my 6 must do’s for your do!

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Coachella = Woahchella! is an explosion of music, fun, fashion, and friendship every year! The fest is just around the corner! The first time I went I had just as much fun getting creative and expressive with my hair and makeup as I did frolicking thru the festival. People watching at this festival is tons of entertainment in and of itself. Whether you are a conservative country girl or free flying hippie these items will help you push the envelope on your attire, keep you cool, and provide double duty on your essentials. Here are a few of my last minute must-haves! read more >



Salon Appointments | Sunnie Brook

Dear Beauties,

Some of you have emailed asking when I will be in the salon for haircuts, color and personal beauty consultations. And every time I read those message, I want to help! Since I live + work in Los Angeles, but travel often to NYC and other US cities, I think it’s finally time to meet more of you in person. To help make this happen, I have a newsletter specifically for staying updated on my travel dates and salon days. Sign-up as a Salon Client to stay connected — I just might be coming to a city near you! If you are adventuring out to LA, please drop a line to see when I’m free : I look forward to meeting you (and your hair)!

Love, Sunnie Brook

PS. For the daily do in beautyland, follow me on Instagram + Twitter — @sunniebrook

Feature in Allure’s Beauty Expert Issue – January 2014


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Meet Destinee Handly aka Miss Handly. She has worked with some of my faves — Audrina Patridge, Jenna Jameson, Lilly Ghalichi, Paula Abdul and Nasty Gal.




I met the oh-so-gorgeous Miss Handly at a shoot and was intrigued by her personal style that I couldn’t wait to collaborate with her. For this fun nail look, she decided to incorporate real feathers.




Base Coat
Clippers / Scissors
Nail File

1. Clean nails and apply base coat. We used one by Floss Gloss.
2. Apply 1-2 coats of your favorite colour. Three coats if using an opaque polish like ours, Fiji by Essie.
3. Let nail polish dry then thinly apply topcoat. Our pick is by Seche Vite.
4. Immediately apply tips of feather to middle of nail, trailing off the tip of the nail, and pat down gently. The softer the feather the easier they are to apply.
5. Apply top coat over feather and let dry completely.
6. Using scissors or clippers, trim the feather around your nail and file the rest off in a downward motion at the tip of your nail.
7. Apply your third layer of topcoat to really seal that feather in there. And don’t forget to swipe across the tip!

For more nail inspiration, check out her personal blog


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LADIES! Have you subscribed to Darling Magazine yet?! If not, you need this. It is, without a doubt, my favorite — cover-to-cover — read. Darling is a feminine focused and artistically styled publication with original content that truly enriches you. It is focused on The Art of Being a Woman. We are constantly wearing so many hats so to have a magazine that represents us in a more whole way is truly a blessing and dandy little treat!

After declaring my love for Darling, I got the opportunity to contribute. Pick up Issue no.3 to see my feature, Pony Do — three creative ways to wear the classic ponytail.

If you’re still unsure, watch this video from their First Issue campaign. XO


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Photography by Rodney Smith

We’re starting the year off right with a brand new Beauty Bee Newsletter and there is one main theme: TEA.
If you haven’t tried the Signature Beauty Tea, now is your chance as it can be purchased on its own in the SB Shop. Specially formulated to strengthen hair, skin and nails, this herbal recipe is delicious & nutritious. And it’s all for a good cause — 100% of this item’s proceeds goes to Two Wings. As you know, I’ve partnered with this inspiring organization and continue to find ways to give back. Indulging in this tea is yet another opportunity to help support the many woman who are in the process of healing their hearts and creating their lives. This weekend is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day so I hope you’ll be a part of the efforts to give a voice to the ones affected by this worldwide problem. Tea is the perfect time to start a conversation. Talk with those in your inner circle and brainstorm ways to get involved.

Beauty has a voice.


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Photography by Tim Walker

Beauty Bee Newsletter No.03 — the holiday issue — went out this week and we hope you got it (check your spam folder) and are enjoying all the goodies inside. There’s a pretty cool giveaway going on for all the subscribers, too. Something from  . . . drumroll please . . . the Sunnie Brook Loves Beauty Shop!

Update: Congratulations to Sarah C. of New Orleans for winning the newsletter giveaway this time.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

This thoughtfully curated store will be opening on November 12 and I can’t wait for you to “enter our doors.” More details on Monday.

Until then, there will be two (yep, 2) new videos posting this week. And you can busy yourself by reading some recent interviews with: Your Favorite Blend + The Hunted Few + Refinery29.

This girl feels the love.


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Why go shopping when you can borrow from the boys?! Here’s my Menswear Checklist for what you take from their closet. These can be worn as intended *or* with a little twist — bow tie in your hair or on your wrist?? . . . . .

no.1 : SUNGLASSES { Rafferty Aqua Tonic by Warby Parker }

no.2 : CUFFLINKS { Engraved by TopMan }

no.3 : TIE { Skinny Tie by Steven Alan }

no.4 : HAT { Trucker by To Write Love On Her Arms }

no.5 : BOW TIE { Spring Floral by Everlane }

no.6 : BUTTON DOWN { Single Needle Shirt by Steven Alan }

no.7 : DRESS SHIRT { Classic Spread-Collar by J.Crew }

no.8 : SOCKS { Rugby Stripes by The Brooklyn Circus}

no.9 : WATCH { Fly-back Chronograph by Timex }

no.10 : JEANS { Levi’s }

no.11 : HANDKERCHIEF { Peter Plaid Pocket Square by Original Penguin }

no.12 : BAND T-SHIRT { Bob Dylan Tee by Rockabilia }

no.13 : BACKPACK { Brown Suede Printed Rucksack by TopMan }

no.14 : BLAZER { Ben Sherman }

What are some other steal-worthy items?


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I have recently gotten a few emails asking what I do for my fitness routine, so I thought I’d do this post. Really, I’m an advocate of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle . . . . . I drink this elixir most mornings and try to eat unprocessed foods. (However, I do love my ice cream and wine!) Eating foods in their simple form in key! And knowing where your food comes from is so important which is why I started growing produce in my own garden this year.

I also started doing yoga this year after going on a retreat to Costa Rica. Before that, I liked to run and take a ballet class every so often. The only problem was that I wasn’t noticing a difference in my problem areas (buns + thighs) . . . Then I heard about this great class called Pop Physique. Their opening website pic definitely got my attention. I mean, look at her buns! So I went.

And WOW!!! I have completely noticed a difference. Pop Physique a mix between yoga, pilates and ballet. It stretches your muscles so they are longer and leaner, giving you that dancers’ body. Plus, it only takes an hour. They have locations all over Los Angeles AND they just launched videos on Amazon. So all of  you can get your workout on!

What’s your fitness routine?


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