Buying the Perfect Blow Dryer


Buying the Perfect Blow Dryer

One of the best things you can do to get healthy, gorgeous hair is invest in a proper hair dryer. Cheaply made dryers tend to run too hot, and can leave your hair feeling straw -like and damaged. They also tend to have heavy motors that can leave you feeling fatigued in minutes. A free arm workout is nice, but let’s be honest we all complain about how blowdrying our own hair is like trying to do acrobatics  in the bathroom!

There are a ton of hairdryers out there. For my at home clients I suggest they try investing in a  T3 Featherweight Journey Blow Dryer. It fuses state-of the art technology with a light-weight portable body, which makes it perfect for traveling. The flat, Tourmaline concentrated nozzle and two speed/heat settings are perfect for achieving that salon-perfect blow out. Yes, it is a bit pricey but you can’t go to the store and buy new hair (well, technically you can, but that’s a whole other post!). What I’m trying to say, is invest in your hair and the tools you have so your hair stays healthy and bouncy. Your style will keep longer and you’ll be less frazzled when you get ready. A win-win all around!

My other must have: this  volumizing  mousse for babe-a-licious big hair that will wake you up the next day over with bed heady goodness!

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  • I actually rarely use my hairdryer. Only in emergencies where I’m pressed for time. I didn’t even bring my hair dryer to Japan with me.