Bohemian Waves

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I love wild child style bohemian waves. This is a flashback to the first video I ever created for you lovelies.  It’s still one of my favorite looks that you can easily change up depending on how you to choose to brush the finished look. I’d love to see how you create this look on yourself.  Share your photos and tag me on instagram (@sunniebrook)!

Bohemian Waves How-To


Styling Creme

Hair Ties

1 inch Curling Iron


1. Blow dry styling creme into damp hair until it’s completely dry.

2. Take top section (near crown) of hair and clip/tie up.

3.Take middle section and tie it back.

4. Divide the remaining section into two (as if you were sectioning them to make braids)

5. Spray both sections with hairspray.

6. Take the iron with the lip facing down (or get a clip less one if you can) .

7. Wrap the hair around the iron and count to ten.

8. Let the hair sit and cool.

9. Continue on other section.

10. Take down the second section.

11. Brush it out.

12. Divide section into smaller sections.

13. Continue to curl sections.

14. In the front sections, make sure you curl your hair away from your face.

15. Take down the top section of hair, spray, and curl.

16. Once your done, let your hair cool down and spray.

17. After it’s cooled down, use your fingers to shake it out and give it volume.

18. Give it one final spray, and you’re good to go!

  • Thank you x infinite!! I was just thinking about how to do this and I really appreciate your HOW to!!! Cant wait to try it out:)

  • LUUV this look!! I just got done attempting this look & then I watched you do it…Thx so much 4 the tips! Next time I’ll try it your way! 🙂

  • I really appreciate your how-to videos on fixing your hair!!! It’s especially helpful since you demonstrate by doing your hair on yourself, so I have an idea on how I can do my hair on my own as well. In this video, I think you mention that people with rounder faces should attempt more volume at the top of the head (I have a round face, so I perked up at that tidbit of information). I’d really love it if you could do a post on which hairstyles flatter certain face shapes since I trust your judgment after reading your blog and watching your how-to videos!

  • Love your tutorials! Thanks so much…Ive been dying to know how to give my hair that wave for ever. Quick question…how the heck do I find that curling iron? I’ve looked online and called all the stores I can think of and no one carries it. Amazon only seems to have the 1.5 ince 🙁 Am I out of luck because I dont have a license?