Blushing Beauty



A fresh face with a just a touch of color is one of my go-to favorite looks and can be worn by any girl to create a look of radiance. I’ve picked out some of my favorite products for you, and tips on how to use them for your face shape to help you create your personal blushing beauty look.


Use this illuminator  to add a bit of shimmer to your look and the appearance of light dancing on your face. I like to cocktail a pea size amount with my moisturizer in the morning and apply all over my face.  Another option is to use it as a highlight applied to your cheeks, brow bone, cupid bow and eyelids to liven up your skin.

You can also use this tinted moisturizer which gives you a brightened complexion with coverage. For areas that have too much shine use a little bit of  loose powder to buff down the shine.


Use a soft blush brush to apply cream blush to give a softer more natural appearance. Here is how to apply blush according to your face shape.

Round Face

Apply blush to the cheekbones in a sweeping up motion up and away to create more contour on the face. Avoid applying directly onto the cheekbones as this will just round out the face.


Apply blush below the cheekbones to define them and then sweep up and back towards ears. This will soften the angles on the face.


Apply blush below the apples of the cheeks and blend down. This will square out the face.


Use any of these blush applications for an oval face as it is the most versatile of all face shapes.


Keeping the cheek and the luminous skin as the focus in this look is essential. Use a cleaned mascara wand and some lip balm to scrub off any dry skin (your tooth brush works great too for this!) With the lips, just a touch of color brings it all together. Use the tip of your finger to dab on a bit of color and press lips together. If too much use a napkin to dab off a bit leaving just a kiss of color.


Do you use blush? What’s your favorite? What face shape are you?

  • Gorgeous, that radiant blushing look 🙂

  • I just love the colors and how the make up helps in making the face look fresh. This is going to be my new look this spring.

  • Samanta Rizzi

    I do use blush, but sometimes I just end up putting too much of it on my cheeks. I have to go for less pigmented blushes, also because I’m very pale. Love your blog, Sunnie 🙂