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With my hectic work schedule, I often find myself super exhausted and low on energy. For years, coffee has been my go-to for energy (I love a good cup!), but as we all know, caffeine crashes can be brutal. Luckily, I’ve come across some great substitutes for coffee that leave me feeling refreshed and energized, even when I’m running on empty.

Revitalize Your Body

Many people tend to reach for sugar and caffeine when they’re feeling run-down. Being on set, it’s easy to reach for a handful of M&M’s or drink coffee like your life depends on it, and believe you me, I have done so many times.  A couple of years ago, I started making this healthy, energizing drink, and now a day doesn’t go by where I don’t start my morning with it. I usually have some with me on set as well- it’s a great mid-afternoon pick me up.

2 Tbs Apple Cider Vinegar (I like Braggs)
A squeeze of lime
Some honey
8 oz. of sparkling mineral water (Low Sodium)

• Potassium – helps to prevent brittle teeth, hair loss, runny noses
• Pectin – helps to regulate blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol
• Malic Acid – gives properties of being anti-viral, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal
• Calcium – helps create strong bones and teeth
• Ash – gives its alkaline property; aids your body in maintaining proper pH levels
• Acetic Acid – slows the digestion of starch; helps to lower the rise in glucose after meals

• natural remedy for heartburn; replacement for toxic heartburn medications
• improve bowel irregularity; removing toxins from the body at a faster rate
• helps curb sugar cravings
• helps clear up skin conditions and blemishes; gives a smoother texture and complexion
• helps with joint pain and stiffness
• helps to break down fats so that your body can use them rather than store them
• helps reduce levels of glucose

If you don’t think the elixir is for you, check out my beauty tea. It’s super delicious, has lots of health and beauty benefits, and the proceeds go to Two Wings, which uses education, mentoring and life coaching to empower at-risk youth and survivors of sex trafficking in achieving their dreams in the greater Southern California region.

Get Excited About Exercise

When you’re feeling tired, the last thing you want to think about is exercising. The truth of the matter, however, is that exercise is one of the best things you can do to combat sluggishness. Take a short walk, spend 15 minutes doing yoga poses, jump rope for 10 minutes- you don’t need to spend hours at the gym to get the benefits that come with getting your blood pumping. Find something you like to do, and stick with it. Reward yourself with a nice cup of sparkling elixir and let yourself splurge on a cute exercise outfit. Here are some of my favorites:

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In honor of best friends everywhere…

WE’RE HAVING A 2-for-1 Girl’s Night In Kit BFF SALE!

Our  Girl’s Night In Kit is one of my favorites. What’s better than sitting back, relaxing, and treating yourself nice while binge watching Orange is The New Black?  Doing all of that with your best friend, of course. Buy a  Girl’s Night In Kit , and we’ll ship you one for your best friend as well.


The   Girl’s Night In Kit is super luxurious and includes a Leonor Greyl Fleur de Jasmin Hair Mask, Karuna Karma Kit face masks, and the Sunnie Brook Beauty Tea.

The sale will begin today, Thursday, August 14th at 9AM PST, and end on Saturday, August 16th at 12PM PST.

All you have to do is buy one, and we’ll send you the second one for free.

You can buy it here!


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I grew up listening to Madonna and Gwen Stefani and loving their bad girl style. (Mom didn’t so much.) Intrigued by their blonde locks, I wanted some of my own. But as a brunette that was quite challenging. Even more so, persuading Mom. After many wrestling conversations, I eventually WON! She finally allowed me to experiment with Sun-In. And OH MY, that was a bad idea! My color went from chocolate to sunflower in a matter of minutes. And thus my first lesson in blonde began.

Fourteen years later, I’ve learned a lot about getting & keeping the bling in your blonde. My hairdresser friends and I joke about how amazing it is to work with on shoots because it does whatever we want and shows up beautifully in photographs. It’s an amazing canvas to work with. The only problem is the maintenance. For all you blondes out there, you know what I’m talking about. The salon visits and the hair care can be overwhelming. Here’s what I learned over the years to help you keep your locks looking Cinderella good:

BRASSY – This is caused by minerals in the water and oxidation from the sun. If your hair is porous it is going to pick up these minerals or loose its tone quickly. Use a purple-toned shampoo such as Clairol Professional Shimmer Lights Shampoo 2-3 times a week to fight brassiness.

GREEN – Chlorine and minerals in water/pools can cause ends to change into a muddy grinchy color. Yuck! Rinse hair with water before getting in the pool (hair can only absorb so much water; soaking it first will harm it less) and use a clarifying shampoo after to remove any remaining chlorine.

BREAKAGE – Too much bleaching can cause breakage. Moisturizers and masks will make your hair softer but to help prevent more breakage you need to put protein or keratin back into your hair. My favorite is the Awapui Keratin Treatment. These are only done in salons though so ask your stylist. (Note: Don’t wash hair for 72 hours after treatment.)

COTTON CANDY STRANDS – Over-processed strands need to be taken care of very gently. Use lukewarm water on hair, avoid blow dryer/heat tools and wash hair less to allow it to rest and absorb some of your natural oils. Use scarves and hair accessories creatively to avoid greasy roots.

DULLNESS – Build-up from silicone based products, smog/dirt or over use of heat tools can leave your hair dull. Clarify hair once a week to remove this buildup. Ask your hairdresser for a shine/cellophane treatment every 4 weeks to restore shine to your hair. It creates a similar effect to when you put a topcoat on your nails. Leaves you hair looking shiny and glossy.

HOT ROOTS – Do you go in for a re-touch and feel like your roots are lighter/brighter then the end of your hair? This is usually caused because the hair closest to your head is the healthiest and doesn’t have old hair color on it like your ends. I like to see highlights/haircolor go softly from the root to ends and transition seamlessly to be brighter on the ends. If you’re having this issue ask your hairdresser to use a softer blonde (high lift instead of bleach) or to put a toner on the first 2 inches of your hair to soften brightness. Another trick I use sometimes is to mix my left over bleach in with shampoo and wash through the ends to brighten them.

UH OH ORANGE – When going lighter your hair goes through 10 stages of lift (the basics are: black to red, to orange, to yellow). Once you reach the desired lightness you can cancel out the unwanted tone (red or orange or yellow) by using a toner (blue for orange, violet for yellow.) If you feel like you highlights are brassy or too gold it could be that your hairdresser needs to a) get your hair light enough or b) use a stronger toner.

REGROWTH – It grows so fast! Use a dry shampoo (bumble and bumble have colored ones) or baby powder to dull down your roots in between visits and give you that extra bit of volume you might want in your style as well.

{ And here’s a style trick : Spritz ends with a leave-in conditioner (I like Big Sexy Concepts Healthy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner) and pull hair into a low bun secured with bobby pins. This will condition your hair but also help it to air-dry with less frizz and a slight wave. }

What other Blonde questions do you have?

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You can never go wrong with big bold bouncy hair any time! But getting the look can seem like it would involve a circus of brushes and products and  Richard Simmon’s arm exercises! The truth is there are a few tools and know how that take a lot of the muscle work out of your blow dry and still deliver a head turning look.

Let nature do half the work.

Use my super absorbent anti frizz hair towel to help soak up some of the water in your hair. Let your hair air dry 50% of the way before applying product or using a hairdryer. Saves your arms. Saves your hair. Saves you time!

Volume Kicker

Apply a volumizing product just in the areas you need more lift depending on your desired style and face shape. Look for products that contain panthenol as this will beef up your hairshaft and give you more perk power in your finished look. In the video above I use the product found in my beach waves kit.

Flip Flop

Use gravity as your helper and flip flop your hair from side to side and nape to crown with the blowdryer on high. Use a brush for a smoother look or your hands for a ruffed up look.

Cool Down

Once your hair is 90% dry hit your strands with the cold shot as you continue to do your flip flop technique. This will lock in your style and add shine to your finish. If your ends aren’t completely dry that’s okay and in fact that’s good because those parts of your hair can easily go frizzy with too much blowdrying. Let them finish drying naturally to avoid over heated frizzy ends.

Check out and subscribe to my youtube channel for more how to looks and tips!

Save your arms and your pocket with a super light weight blowdryer and my product picks.

What other quick how to’s would you like to learn? Do you have any favorite products you use for blowing out your hair?

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Haircolor Pinterest Board Sunnie Brook

Let’s talk about those zebra stripes, Ladies… I see them running around everywhere like a safari gone wild, and I don’t mean Katy Perry! Most of us have been there in the salon chair hoping for the beautiful moment when the chair whirls around… only to see we see bars running across the top of our head?? No, that’s not what we were hoping for, huh?!! Well, I’ve the heard stories and seen the tears; I’ve fixed this tragedy so many times and I know the solution. It’s called (que the music and tap dancer)… HAIR TONER! Yep, this one product is your fairy godmother and let me tell you how.

What is toner?

Toner cancels out and corrects unwanted tones in your hair — brassy yellow, gold, orange, red or ash tones, but it does more than that!

How to use toner

1. Evens out hair color or highlights. If you’ve been getting your hair colored for years there is a long story on your locks. When your hairdresser lightens your hair you will see some of that story unveiled. The toner can camoflouge or act as a filler to even out the hairs porosity making your hair flawless from roots to ends.

2. Softens the look of regrowth on your highlights. I love highlights that have a seamless transition from the root to end. Similar to what you see in children’s hair that has just been kissed by the sun. Sometimes your roots can come out brighter because that part of your hair is the most “virgin” and closest to your head (a source of heat). The toner can go in and take your color a few steps darker to get a match with your previous highlights.

3. Acts like a topcoat for your hair, similar to what a topcoat on your nails does. It adds incredible shine and richness to your hair, and seals your color so it will last longer.

*Ask your hairstylist if hair toner will help your locks!

A Thousand Words

If you’re still worried your hairdresser may not get it, bring a picture of your desired look. It will speak a thousand words. I created a pinterest board of some of my favorite haircolor looks to help you.

Join the Conversation

Have you ever been zebra’d? Which haircolor is your favorite? What else would you like to know about haircolor?

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lash lesson sunnie brook

Photographer Melis + Dainon
Hair Sunnie Brook
Makeup Garret Gervais
Model Elle Evans

Everyone wants long, thick, curled lashes for a wide open, rested look. As a pro make up artist there are a few tricks my friend Garret Gervais uses to accomplish this look.

1. Curl

I curl lashes using the Kevyn Aucoin Lash Curler. It’s size and curvature fits every eye shape beautifully and if lashes are coarse, I heat the red curler pad for a few seconds before curling.

2. Lengthen

I always lengthen first. It’s easier to add volume (width) to the lash after it’s been stretched. I like Covergirl Lash Blast Lengthening Mascara. It has nylon in its formula and a long, skinny brush. I prefer a skinny brush for lengthening, you can get right down to the root, even on the tiny, thin inner corner lashes. Also a trick I ALWAYS do is to wipe the wand with a paper towel first before applying to lashes. By wiping the wand you take off excess mascara and can really concentrate on using your wand to its fullest without any clumping. This is really important when lengthening because we’re dragging the product through the length of each hair, adding length to the ends of each hair. Think of it as a bit the way you would comb conditioner through your hair in the shower, working it through the length and saturating the ends. I usually apply two coats of lengthening mascara.

3. Volumize

For volumizing, you want to use a mascara with a thick, fluffy brush with varying bristle lengths. This type of brush deposits extra amounts of product onto the lash, building thickness around each individual hair. For this I love Diorshow Mascara. As before I wipe off the brush before hitting the lashes. Clumping is not the same thing as volumizing! This particular mascara has a XXL brush and a build-able cream formula so you don’t need a ton of product on the brush to achieve the desired affect. As with lengthening, your brush is doing the work, NOT the amount of product on it.

4. Pro Tips

Another trick you can do to increase the effect of each mascara step is to coat the already-mascaraed lash with a dust of loose powder and apply another coat.
In the above picture I’ve done what I call my Summer Lash. When it’s hot and your make up routine goes minimal, multi coats of black on top and bottom lashes may seem “too much” instead try this pro look:

Curl, lengthen top and bottom in brown (2 coats)  and volumize only the outside of the top lash in black (2-3coats).

What are some of your favorite mascaras? or lashes? Have you ever had lash extensions? Have you tried my DIY lash growing serum?!

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chrissy teigens hair comb

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I don’t claim to know a lot about sports, but I can tell you this: Chrissy Teigen’s hair game at the ESPY Awards last night was ON POINT. What stood out to me most was her too-cool-for-school metal hair clip, which looked like some sort of punk-rock, gilded animal tooth. Turns out, I was close. “It was inspired by an elephant tusk,” says designer Amanda Thomas, who partnered with hairstylist Sunnie Brook to create Luv Aj X Sunnie Brook, a summer capsule collection of seriously badass hair accessories. I called up the designer for more information on the new line.

Tell me about the designs. I love the one Chrissy wore.
“The Tusk Comb has a really clean shape and is serrated on the edges so it has dimension and catches the light. We were thinking of Grease, when the guys slick their hair back with a comb; it has that vibe. We also have spiked chain headpieces, which is a fun, playful accessory you can wear so many ways.”

You’ve been doing jewelry for years. Why hair accessories?
“There’s so much out there for bridal hair accessories, but they tend to be traditional silver, with Swarovski crystals. I wanted to create something tougher and edgier, for an unconventional bride who wants to wear it again when she goes out.”

Why partner with hairstylist Sunnie Brook?
“Sunnie does hair every day and knows how accessories should look, and feel, and wear in the hair. She’s so great at what she does—she’s actually doing my hair and makeup for my wedding this year.”

Luv Aj X Sunnie Brook hair accessories are available through September on their website. And rumor has it that hairstylist Jen Atkin just received a whole stash of them, so expect to see them on her other major clients (the Kardashians, to name a few hundred) in the next couple months. READ MORE



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how to get perfect beachy waves sunnie brook jones

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What do Lana del Rey, Chrissy Teigen, and Grimes have in common? Really good hair—and Los Angeles–based stylist Sunnie Brook. But the laid-back beauty (that’s her above) won’t be a well-kept California secret for much longer. When she’s not tending to celebrities, Brook is posting how-to videos on her blog, where she also sells curated kits that address specific hair needs, such as teasing and curls. “I started my blog as a way to help my clients re-create their looks at home,” says Brook. “And I created the kits because they were asking where to get the products I use. Being on set most days, I have the chance to try out so many different brands. I’ve educated myself on what the ingredients are and how the different products interact together.”

The first kit Brook designed continues to be her most popular: Beach Waves. “It’s centered around a cotton Turkish towel I designed,” she says. “The weave of the towel helps your hair dry faster and smooths the cuticle. Most people don’t realize that the towels they use at home are very fibrous, which lifts the cuticle of the hair and makes it frizzy.” Here, more tips from Brook for the perfect beach wave:

• Comb through wet, conditioned hair with a wide-tooth comb. Don’t brush.

• Using a Turkish towel, soak up as much moisture as possible with a scrunching motion to encourage waves.

• Generously spray leave-in conditioner (Brook prefers the Neil George Detangle Nourishment Spray), concentrating on the parts that seem the most dry or damaged.

• Follow the leave-in conditioner with spritzes of surf spray, such as Phillip B. Maui Wowie Beach Spray. Scrunch again with a towel and let air-dry.

• Seal in the moisture and control frizz with a hair serum, like Neil George Hair Serum.



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Meet Jennipher our third “Fresh Look” woman. She is a mother of three. What inspired me to choose her for this series was that she is always giving herself and her time to those she loves in her life. Giving her a day to be pampered was a delight for me.


Here’s how you can re-created Jennipher’s Tousled Twist + Glam Glow!

Tousled Twist

  1. Use a dry shampoo to increase volume and texture in hair.
  2. Taking a section in the crown backcomb to create volume.
  3. Pull hair into a loose twist at back of head and let pieces natural fall out.
  4. Use pins to secure in place and finish with a medium hold spray.

Glam Glow

  1. To give the skin a dewy glow start with Kate Somerville Replenishing Toner and following with the Dual Radiance Serum
  2. After you have done your foundation sweep a milk chocolate brown eyeshadow across lids and line eyes with a kohl eyeliner.
  3. Apply eyelashes and then smudge liner.
  4. Use a bronzer to add warmth to the face and contour cheekbones.
  5. Pop a tangerine peach lip on and you’re ready to go!

Director – Claire Thomas
Director of Photography Yayo Ahumada
Hair + Makeup –
Assistant –
Wardrobe – Haley Roemen

*Correction: Jennipher’s name in the video should read “Jennipher” not “Jennifer”.




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Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

I’m a big fan of tinted moisturizers as a daily go-to. This beauty balm is the bomb! Not only does it minimize pores, lines, wrinkles and redness like most tinted moisturizers but it also lifts and firms the skin after 8 weeks! It has beautiful light reflecting qualities that give the skin a luminous flawless glow! SPF 20 and available in 3 shades.

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee Coral Oasis

A coconut infused cheek color?! What the? Yes that’s ahhhhmazing! Infused with 50% coconut water your cheeks will be getting “cheeky” for 14 hours without parabens or sulfates. Now that’s innovative!

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow Beach Sand

Want more coconut? Here’s another one from Josie for your lids. High on pigment and hydration this summer shimmer gives your lids two layers of love. First with its coconut, and second with its argon oil infused color. Top that off with no parabens and sulfate free!

Chanel Blotting Papers

Treat yourself to this pretty little treasure that will keep your skin oil free. Toss out your powder for the summer and just tap tap shine away when needed.

XO Sunnie Brook


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