Meet Jennipher our third “Fresh Look” woman. She is a mother of three. What inspired me to choose her for this series was that she is always giving herself and her time to those she loves in her life. Giving her a day to be pampered was a delight for me.


Here’s how you can re-created Jennipher’s Tousled Twist + Glam Glow!

Tousled Twist

  1. Use a dry shampoo to increase volume and texture in hair.
  2. Taking a section in the crown backcomb to create volume.
  3. Pull hair into a loose twist at back of head and let pieces natural fall out.
  4. Use pins to secure in place and finish with a medium hold spray.

Glam Glow

  1. To give the skin a dewy glow start with Kate Somerville Replenishing Toner and following with the Dual Radiance Serum
  2. After you have done your foundation sweep a milk chocolate brown eyeshadow across lids and line eyes with a kohl eyeliner.
  3. Apply eyelashes and then smudge liner.
  4. Use a bronzer to add warmth to the face and contour cheekbones.
  5. Pop a tangerine peach lip on and you’re ready to go!

Director – Claire Thomas
Director of Photography Yayo Ahumada
Hair + Makeup –
Assistant –
Wardrobe – Haley Roemen

*Correction: Jennipher’s name in the video should read “Jennipher” not “Jennifer”.



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Urban Decay Naked Skin Beauty Balm

I’m a big fan of tinted moisturizers as a daily go-to. This beauty balm is the bomb! Not only does it minimize pores, lines, wrinkles and redness like most tinted moisturizers but it also lifts and firms the skin after 8 weeks! It has beautiful light reflecting qualities that give the skin a luminous flawless glow! SPF 20 and available in 3 shades.

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee Coral Oasis

A coconut infused cheek color?! What the? Yes that’s ahhhhmazing! Infused with 50% coconut water your cheeks will be getting “cheeky” for 14 hours without parabens or sulfates. Now that’s innovative!

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow Beach Sand

Want more coconut? Here’s another one from Josie for your lids. High on pigment and hydration this summer shimmer gives your lids two layers of love. First with its coconut, and second with its argon oil infused color. Top that off with no parabens and sulfate free!

Chanel Blotting Papers

Treat yourself to this pretty little treasure that will keep your skin oil free. Toss out your powder for the summer and just tap tap shine away when needed.

XO Sunnie Brook


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Back when I first started this beauty blog, I decided to make realistic, real-time instructional videos . . . videos that eliminate “studio magic” and ones that leave you feeling empowered rather than defeated. The very first was Beachy, Surfer Waves, and it instantly became a favorite! Finally, every lady can get those waves! This Beach Waves Kit is everything you need to create this coveted look. Learn the technique then let these products and nature do the rest. You’ll finally have that effortless style every woman craves. Let’s take a took at the handpicked products:



Step № 01 - Before you get out of the shower, you’ll want to comb through your locks and create the part you want to have for the day. Then, when you get out of the shower, DO NOT BRUSH/COMB. This is one of the secrets. Next, you’ll need a high quality 100% cotton towel. If you don’t have one, you’re in luck — my cute mint & white stripe Turkish towel is absolute perfection.

WHY I HANDPICKED THIS TOWEL : Frizzy hair can be the untamed monster that ruins your style and makes you crazy! This towels is like a superhero for your hair. It rolls up super tiny but absorbs so much water from your hair you’ll swear it’s a sponge. The smooth cotton surface of the towel causes less friction with your hair compared to fibrous towels which can lift the cuticle of the hair, making it appear frizzy. This towel will also save you from those I-just-walked-out-of-my-house-to-discover-my-blouse-is-soaked-from-my-dripping-hair moments. And I just love “inspector gadget” sort of items (something that does tons of things for you.) This is just that — towel/wrap/blanket/curtain/tablecloth. Though I doubt your hair will allow to you steal it away for that long.


Step № 02 - After dabbing the moisture out of your hair, you’ll need to use a Leave-In. Since curly and wavy hair needs more moisture, using this will help enhance your curl. Neil George Detangle Nourishment Spray is made with botanicals that not only smell divine, but keep your hair healthy.

WHY I HANDPICKED THIS LEAVE-IN : Many leave-ins will leave your hair feeling brittle or weighed down but not this one. This nourishment spray is the perfect balance for all hair types and most styles. Protect your hair by priming it before layering on all your other products. It’s the prep to pop off any style!


Step № 03 - Next is your surf spray. Spray this on your hair, focusing on the parts that need a little curl-help. Don’t apply too much on the ends, as they can naturally absorb too much product. You’ll use more or less depending on what’s best for your hair. Customize your products by making each time a trial run, until you figure out what works best for your hair type.

WHY I HANDPICKED THIS SURF SPRAY : Wowie is right! This surf spray by Philip B. is amazing for beach waves as it does NOT dry out your hair. Maui Wowie is also great as a root lifter, and will help you make a voluptuous, long-lasting blow out. Fine haired females –this will be your secret weapon!


Step № 04 - And, finally, you’ll use a treatment oil to help control any frizz. One to three pumps should do it, depending on your hair. Start small and add more if you see some problem areas. You can also use some on those “fuzzy bears” up top!

WHY I HANDPICKED THIS OIL : This is sooooooooo luxurious. You can use this for its styling benefits but also as a daily repair treatment. Many oils build up on the hair, leaving it difficult and dull in the long term. Indian Gooseberry Treatment Oil knows when and where to work for you.

Three individual products have now been added to the Sunnie Brook Loves Beauty Shop : the lovely SB Signature Hair Towel, a matte Bobby Pin Set and my favorite Karuna Cloth Face Masks. These are no-brainer gifts, for yourself or your girlfriends, and very easy to fit in a stocking. *hint hint*

Until 2013, all beauty shop purchases will be sent out with a Top-Secret Holiday Bonus!
Gifts are some of your favorite beauty brands and are valued up to $100. Until supplies last.

Sunnie Brook Loves Beauty Shop ♥  Free US Shipping


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Luv Aj:Sunnie Brook from Claire Thomas on Vimeo.

LUVAJxSUNNIEBROOK Hair Accessories……..Check at the collection featured on RACKED . . . .XO




Sruti really wanted to try a look she had never done before. When I saw her warm sweet face I wanted to bring more attention to her beautiful almond eye shape by creating a style that would open up her face with a youthfulness and a pop of color. When we chatted about a textured braid paired with winged liner she was happy to give it a whirl.

Fresh look darling magazine sruti

Here’s a couple of tips to help you recreate Sruti’s textured braid, glowing skin, and winged liner.

Textured Braid

  1. Divide and clip hair into 4 sections to give yourself more control as you create your braid.
  2. Once braid is complete pinch and pull the strands to loosen the texture and customize it for your finished style.
  3. If you have short hair divide hair into two sections creating two french braids and then pin up the “tails” at the nape.

Glowing Skin

  1. To keep skin from looking dull use an exfoliator with salicylic acid, like Kate Sommerville ExfoliKate that will remove the dead skin cells and balance hydration.
  2. Use Kate Sommervilles radiance serum boost radiance and luminosity improving the appearance of skin firmness, elasticity and texture.

Winged Liner

  1. Use eyeshadow on an angled brush to get your liner lined up by creating a blueprint of where to put the liquid liner.
  2. Take a piece of office tape and tap on the back of your hand to soften the stick. Then place at the angel desired next to your eye. Use as a guide for your winged liner.
  3. To get your liner spot on don’t tug or pull the eye as you are applying your liner as once the eye is left natural it will look different.


Director – Claire Thomas
Director of Photography Yayo Ahumada
Hair + Makeup –
Assistant –
Wardrobe – Haley Roemen


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Finding the time, money or resources to refresh your style can be difficult, yet every woman wants to look and feel her best as a way of reflecting on the outside who she is on the inside.

That’s why a few months ago I asked my readers to enter a giveaway on my blog for the chance to win a one-on-one transformation session at the Darling studio. I’m excited to share the story of the three winners here, along with instructions on how to translate the looks for yourself.

First up: Meet Ashley!


Here’s a bit more detail on how to create her tossled texture look and soft smokey eye.

Tossled Texture

  1. On damp hair create a side part using the arch of the brow as a guide.
  2. Spray surf spray on sections of the hair.
  3. Use fingers to blow dry hair bending the hair and pushing wave into it as it dries.
  4. Wrap random sections that need a bit more wave around a 1inch iron.
  5. Let curls cool and separate with fingers
  6. Use a soft hold hairspray to keep look in place.

Soft Smokey Eye

  1. Prep the skin with Kate Somerville Skin Care.
  2. Sweep a soft grey eyeshadow across the lids.
  3. Use a blending brush to soften the color and blend shadow from the outer corner of eyes.
  4. Take a smaller blending brush and gently sweep color along bottom lash line to create a soft halo of eyeshadow.
  5. Dampen a small dense brush, apply eyeshadow and press along the top lash line to create more definition.
  6. Finish look with 2 applications of mascara.


Stay tuned for the next Fresh Look reveal to come soon!

Director – Claire Thomas
Director of Photography – Yayo Ahumada
Hair + Makeup –
Assistant –
Wardrobe – Haley Roemen

*Correction: Ashlee’s name in the video should read “Ashlee” not “Ashley”.


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Earlier this week, I spent time with the one man I can always rely on to keep my beauty product messes at bay: Mr. Clean. Sure, the Magic Eraser tackles scuffs on baseboards and stains on countertops, but its one million uses also apply to my favorite topics: beauty and fashion. Who’d have thought, right? Lifesaver to combat summer hair dye and self tanner stains? Oh yea.

In order to really show off the power of the Magic Eraser, I headed to New York City for the Mr. Clean Summer Fashion Party to help my friend, celebrity stylist, Brad Goreski, create ten fresh, summer beauty looks to accompany his amazing  white-hot fashion trends.   Each look was complimented by a cool Magic Eraser usage for the summer from fashion to sports to the grill.

hair straightenter mr clean magic eraser before after

My hair irons get a serious workout not only on my clients, but also myself.  And because I am styling for fashion shows, TV shows, photo shoots, etc,  I often have to use a bevy of hair product that can get burned on to the iron surface, which compromises results and isn’t good for the hair.  So, my little secret? Once my irons cool off, I use a gentle wipe of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to remove that tough build-up from the surface.  Good as new, every time!

makeup messes mr clean magic eraser before after

My biggest pet peeve when I dye my hair at home is that ring of dye that stains my shower or tub when I rinse my hair.  We used to have the same problem at my salon.  The Magic Eraser easily removes those dried on hair dye stains from hard surfaces like countertops, sinks and bathtubs.  Another secret? It also works to remove other tough stains like dried-up self-tanner and nail polish spills and stains.

makeup bag mr clean magic eraser before after

For the summer, I always preach about long-wearing makeup like lip stains and waterproof eye liner and mascara.  They are great for keeping your face looking beautiful even in the pool, but they can sometimes cause annoying stains on things like countertops and inside my makeup kit.  IF you have that problem too, use a Magic Eraser to get those tough armor-like makeup products off the places they shouldn’t be.

One Mr. Clean Magic Eraser does about a million tough jobs at home – from beauty and fashion to outdoors or sports stuff.  Check out to learn a few more ideas.  You can also follow Mr. Clean on Twitter (@RealMrClean) and Facebook (


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Having a hickey is the furthest thing from having a beauty mark. It’s the first sign that love (or just mere infatuation) can really leave a mark on you – for better or for worse!

While I don’t remember exactly when I received my first hickey, I do remember how I felt once it was there. I remember that strange, adolescent mixture of shame and pride, wearing my hickey like a scarlett letter AND a badge of honor. I even remember trying to convince my mother that it was a curling iron burn, but considering the fact that 1) I’m a terrible liar and 2) my mother was a teenager once too… let’s just say she wasn’t so quick to buy the story. Sorry, Mom.

Whether you consider yourself to be a terrible liar, a terrible flirt, or just very active on tinder (no shame), you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to make sure your true beauty outshines that shiner on your neck.

Here are some tips + tricks to keep those love bites at bay!



  1. Wave it Goodbye – Create full bodied curls that kiss the corners of your neck and will keep your secret safe.
  2. Wrap a Scarf – an easy option on chilly days but in the spring summer opt for a high collared shirt or a cute handkerchief.
  3.  Concealers – Use a yellow and green concealers depending on the color. Yellow based concealer for the purple under tones and green concealer for red tones; Followed by a pressed powder, usually one shade lighter than what you use for your daily facial regime.


Tip #1 Rub a dub-dub!
Hickeys are essentially ruptured capillaries beneath soft skin. When the blood collects and clots in one area, it appears red or purple. You want to try and disperse the blood under the surface so that the discoloration disappears.

There are a number of tools you can use to re-disperse the blood.

  • Coin- Hold your skin taught and firmly press the edge of a coin against the hickey, spreading outward.
  • Comb- The teeth of your comb will help to disperse blood back into the vessels.
  • Toothbrush- Using a stiff bristle brush, lightly rub against the irritated area in a circular motion to help spread circulation. This may cause the redness to spread at first. If the redness doesn’t go away after 10-15 minutes, grab your cold spoon!

Caution! Be careful not to be too abrasive with any of these tools. The last thing you want to do is break the skin.

Tip #2: Spoon
Put a spoon in the freezer. It’s the perfect size cold compress for smaller problem areas such as hickeys, or puffy bags under the eyes. Icing helps to reduce any inflammation and will also stop the blood from flowing into the clotted area. Practice your patience and keep the cool on for about 15 minutes.

Tip #3: Tea Time!
Drink your Beauty Tea. If your hickey has been hanging around for over 48 hours, you’ll want to turn to heat versus ice. After soaking up all the beauty and health benefits from your daily dose, take your used tea bag and apply it directly to your unwanted hickey. This little bit of heat and moisture will help increase the blood flow at this point, leading to a faster reabsorption of the blood, and a faster recovery!

If all else fails have a laugh cause you’ll have a good story to tell your daughter or grand daughter someday, and maybe you’ll be a bit more careful in those twilight hours (wink wink).

XO Sunnie Brook & Ashley Rubell




First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy

Brightens, de puffs, and smooths, instantly! A super hero for those dark under eye circles. Such a great price for three products in one! If you’ve had trouble finding the perfect under eye concealer it works for almost all skin types.

Bumble & Bumble Dryspun Thickening Spray

No more dusty white dry shampoo scalp! This clear formula will pump up your volume for days along with giving you a texture-like feel to your tresses! Ideal for you fine haired female or you big hair babes that want to go even bigger!

Leonard Greyl Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice

Who doesn’t love a good french product? Ooh la la so fancy! This mousse combined with your blow dryer will give you a bangin’ good blowout for days that smells divine! (My fav trick is to apply it to the roots in the areas I need volume or hold.) If you’re loving wearing a deep side part with maximum volume get this for kicking style!

XO Sunnie Brook


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As an artist I’m always looking for inspiration for my craft. One of my favorite places to look is Lost Hairdressers. There are tons of resources for hairdressers, and people in the beauty industry, but many times I find them cheesy, outdated, or boring. I came across this great website showcasing like minded artists  and their work. Somehow, I think through the world wide web, the creator Clint and I got connected and decided we wanted to do a collaboration. We tried a few times but with our schedules it was a bit challenging. Then it just so happened that I was launching a hair accessory line and Clint and I were chatting at the same time about doing an interview.

I invited him and his crew along to hang out and capture the day. I love being part of this community not only for the amazing imagery created but the great people who are sharing in it. Take a look at the space they have created. Even if you’re not a hairdresser I’m sure you will find it inspiring.



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