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Photo from Esthetica Magazine

I just returned from working with the Cutler Salon team for NYFW. One of the looks we created was for a jewelry designer that I adore, Dannijo. Rodney Cutler, who is an incredibly talented and down to earth hairdresser, was  inspired by the sisters’ passion and vision for this Spring/Summer collection and wanted to compliment the rustic, yet picturesque , travel-themed presentation. His vision was to bring to life a natural, Mongolian feel, so we created fishtails that journeyed onto a polished pony.

What I enjoyed most about this look is the wearability of this hairstyle. You only need a few tools and the how to create a bump free  ponytail and fishtail braid.  I have two videos I created for you that can help you with that!

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Photos by @sunniebrook

Hair Step-by-Step:

  1. Begin styling with dry, straightened hair.
  2. Pull hair back into a sleek ponytail using a fine bristle brush. Secure the hair on the back of the head, so that it is parallel to the middle of the ear. Use a thin elastic to secure. (Check out my how-to video for getting the perfect bump-free ponytail)
  3.  Depending on hair thickness, work a dime to quarter size dollop of Redken Velvet Gelatine 07Cushioning Blow Dry Gel into the first 4-5 inches of hair below the ponytail.
  4. Weave into a tight, smooth fishtail braid. To create a fishtail separate the hair into two sections and cross small strands over each other, towards the opposite section. (Check out my how-to video on doing fishtail braids)
  5. After braiding this portion of the hair, secure with an additional hair tie and allow the bottom of the hair to hang.
  6. After secured, use a 1-2” flat iron to straighten the unbraided hair for a sleek ponytail.
  7. Finish off by spraying Redken Fashion Work 12Versatile Working Spray to tackle any flyaways.
dannijo, cutlersalon, hair, braid, how to, get the look, nyfw

Photo by @sunniebrook

photo 2

Photo by @sunniebrook

photo 3

Photo by @sunniebrook


dannijo, cutlersalon, hair, braid, how to, get the look, nyfw

Photo by @sunniebrook

What do you think of this look? Where would you wear it? Which piece of jewelry is your favorite?

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I’ve been in New York for the last couple of weeks, and let me tell you something, this city is so very chic! Everywhere I look there are elegant little black dresses, sleek, icy blonde bobs and it seems that almost everyone here has mastered the perfect red lip!
Being surrounded by this monochromatic sea of incredible sartorial choices, however, has me longing for something a little more…. fun?

Good thing that Fall 2014 is all about wearing patterns. Whether it be plaid, animal print, geometric, striped, polka dotted, psychedelic, this fall is about taking a step out of your comfort zone and taking some risks!

And as far as hair goes? Well it seems like the colored hair trend  isn’t disappearing anytime soon- but rather than the bright hues that have been dominating the beauty world for a while, this seasons colors are all moody, dusty pastels- muted and understated rather than over the top. Think barely there, color-kissed hair. You can read my blog post on pastel hair  or check out my Pastel Pretty Pinterest board to get some inspiration.

Here’s some of my favorite looks for fall:

Animal Style

Leopard print is classic and will never go out of style. It’s all about  how your wear it. For a prim, yet edgy look, pair a delicate leopard print blouse with a wine colored velvet skirt, a black cardigan, and knee-high black boots.

It’s Plaid to See (You Were Meant for Me)

The 90′s are still having their moment back in the spotlight, and it seems like plaid is here to stay. I don’t mind though, because I love the way it looks ( And let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than a soft, worn in plaid flannel shirt).

Pair a cool plaid button-up shirt dress with a pair of skinny black jeans and some rock and roll ankle boots if you feel like being wild or dress it up with some  black heels for a  chic girls-night-out look.

Color Me Pretty

I love beautiful, art inspired patterns.  Layer this cute watercolor print dress with a nude ankle boot and a white cardigan for a soft, feminine look.

What’s your favorite pattern to wear? Would you go pastel if you could?



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Having a hickey is the furthest thing from having a beauty mark. It’s the first sign that love (or just mere infatuation) can really leave a mark on you – for better or for worse!

While I don’t remember exactly when I received my first hickey, I do remember how I felt once it was there. I remember that strange, adolescent mixture of shame and pride, wearing my hickey like a scarlett letter AND a badge of honor. I even remember trying to convince my mother that it was a curling iron burn, but considering the fact that 1) I’m a terrible liar and 2) my mother was a teenager once too… let’s just say she wasn’t so quick to buy the story. Sorry, Mom.

Whether you consider yourself to be a terrible liar, a terrible flirt, or just very active on tinder (no shame), you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to make sure your true beauty outshines that shiner on your neck.

Here are some tips + tricks to keep those love bites at bay!



  1. Wave it Goodbye – Create full bodied curls that kiss the corners of your neck and will keep your secret safe.
  2. Wrap a Scarf – an easy option on chilly days but in the spring summer opt for a high collared shirt or a cute handkerchief.
  3.  Concealers – Use a yellow and green concealers depending on the color. Yellow based concealer for the purple under tones and green concealer for red tones; Followed by a pressed powder, usually one shade lighter than what you use for your daily facial regime.


Tip #1 Rub a dub-dub!
Hickeys are essentially ruptured capillaries beneath soft skin. When the blood collects and clots in one area, it appears red or purple. You want to try and disperse the blood under the surface so that the discoloration disappears.

There are a number of tools you can use to re-disperse the blood.

  • Coin- Hold your skin taught and firmly press the edge of a coin against the hickey, spreading outward.
  • Comb- The teeth of your comb will help to disperse blood back into the vessels.
  • Toothbrush- Using a stiff bristle brush, lightly rub against the irritated area in a circular motion to help spread circulation. This may cause the redness to spread at first. If the redness doesn’t go away after 10-15 minutes, grab your cold spoon!

Caution! Be careful not to be too abrasive with any of these tools. The last thing you want to do is break the skin.

Tip #2: Spoon
Put a spoon in the freezer. It’s the perfect size cold compress for smaller problem areas such as hickeys, or puffy bags under the eyes. Icing helps to reduce any inflammation and will also stop the blood from flowing into the clotted area. Practice your patience and keep the cool on for about 15 minutes.

Tip #3: Tea Time!
Drink your Beauty Tea. If your hickey has been hanging around for over 48 hours, you’ll want to turn to heat versus ice. After soaking up all the beauty and health benefits from your daily dose, take your used tea bag and apply it directly to your unwanted hickey. This little bit of heat and moisture will help increase the blood flow at this point, leading to a faster reabsorption of the blood, and a faster recovery!

If all else fails have a laugh cause you’ll have a good story to tell your daughter or grand daughter someday, and maybe you’ll be a bit more careful in those twilight hours (wink wink).

XO Sunnie Brook & Ashley Rubell



Thanks to Refinery29 for talking about this one, too.

If you’ve ever woken up late (failed alarm? dead phone? just plain exhausted?) then you need to watch I’M LATE! Made with Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen, this video will show you what to do when you have fifteen, five or no minutes to get ready. Watch our other two videos – Date Night + Girls’ Night.


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“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”.- Marilyn Monroe

This is pretty much my M.O.  When I buy shoes, I usually want them to last me for a long time, so I  tend to invest in classy, timeless styles. Here are some of my favorites boots for fall:

Every Day Staple 

I could wear this kind of boot every day, since the style goes with almost any outfit. Pair them with skinny black jeans and a white t-shirt  for a chic, casual look.

Dress It Up

These boots are so fun- truly a statement shoe. Pair them with a simple black dress , big hair,  and have the time of your life!

The Weekend Cozy 

This is my kind of weekend shoe- comfy, without sacrificing style. Wear them  with a cute denim dress and beachy waves while hanging out at your favorite coffee shop.

 Office To Dinner 

Every girl needs to have  versatile day-to-night boots like these. They can be worn with  a fitted suit for a chic office-friendly look, or you can throw on a slinky mini-dress and a statement necklace for a can’t-take-your-eyes-off-me dinner date outfit.

Add A Kick 

I love a good knee-high boot, they’re definitely a fall-fashion essential. Try pairing them with a striped miniskirt and silky camisole for a 60′s French new-wave inspired look.

Rock and Roll 

I adore these ankle boots, they definitely have that whole 70′s biker-chic look going on. I’d pair them with a printed maxi-dress to add a kick of femininity.


Check out my Fall Inspiration Pinterest board for more cool boots, jackets, bags and other fall inspired fashion and beauty looks.


What are your favorite boots? Would you invest a lot of money in boots if you knew they’d last you a long time?


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A good hairspray is hard to find. Some will have great hold but leave your hair feeling stiff and sticky, while others may leave your hair feeling soft and natural, but have a hard time holding your style.

This is why I love Leonor Greyl’s Laque Souple. It has a weightless formula that allows you to add lots of volume to your hair without leaving it tacky or sticky.  This makes it great for ladies with thin, fine hair because it doesn’t weight it down, while those with thicker hair can just build it up by using a little more product.

The bottle’s sleek design makes it perfect to carry around for quick touch ups.  It’s the hairspray that I use in  my Tease Me Kit  and in my Big Hair How-To Video.

Check out my Blow Out Babe Pinterest board for more hair inspiration.


Have you used Laque Souple? If not,what’s your hairspray of choice, and why?

Also, congratulations to Jennifer, who won the Bikini.com Giveaway for Flash Tattoos.


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repost from pret-a-reporter

“The Forger” and “This Is Where I Leave You” actress and her hairstylist/makeup artist Sunnie Brook Jones share their secrets to creating three different looks worthy of three standing ovations at New York Fashion Week.

It’s rough work being invited to sit in the front row at fashion week, but someone’s got to do it. And this week, one of those someones is actress Abigail Spencer, who is making her way to various fashion fetes in a face worthy of a catwalk-style close-up. And for each event she attends, makeup artist and hairstylist Sunnie Brook Jones is at Spencer’s side helping design the day’s look. Spencer and Jones gave us a glimpse into their process (not to mention makeup bags) for three different fashion week events so that we too can attempt to look like a starlet sitting in VIP.

Get my beauty how to here and check out more behind the scenes photos on my instagram and facebook XO


abigail spencer, sunnie brook, new york fashion week, diary, hollywood reporter, beauty, red lip, dior

abigail spencer, new york fashion week, sunnie brook, beauty, diary, get the look, dior, hollywood repo abigail spencer, sunnie brook, hollywood reporter, new york fashion week, beauty, dior


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Raise your hand if the idea of doing anything to your hair seems overwhelming. Or yawn if you are B-O-R-E-D! Ditto! I’m there most days and it’s turning me into a wash-n-go-ponytail-or-bun type of girl. But lately I’ve started to want to get out of my bed head and dress up my look. Thus, I  come up with this quick trick to help out those rut filled days . . . . . . .

My solution is Lazy Waves. They are quick curls for lazy days. It only takes 10 minutes max and you’re sure to get many compliments on your freeform waves. (This is also a great trick to use before doing braids or upstyles, giving your straight hair a bit more texture to work with.)

Five Simple Tools

Volumizing Foam
Blow Dryer
Hair Spray 
Snag Free Elastic
Clipless Curling Iron
(Curling iron sizing: 1 inch for medium to long hair. Smaller iron for short hair: ½ - ¾ inch. Bigger iron is you want less curl on longer hair: 1 ½ inch.)

Five Easy Steps

Step 1 – If you’re starting with wet hair, comb a volumizing foam through hair and blow dry. If you’re starting with dry hair, spritz a firm hairspray throughout hair. Section if you have thick hair.

Step 2 – Pull hair up into a loose high ponytail with a snag-free elastic.

Step 3 – Take one inch sections, spray with firm spray then take iron and wrap hair.

Step 4 – Spray ponytail one more time and then leave to cool while you do your makeup, eat breakfast, paint your toes, sip some tea

Step 5 – Take ponytail out gently. Flip head over and give it all one more spray. Shaky shake and there you have Lazy Waves that are not-so-lazy. Enjoy!

Extra Tips

#1: If you’re always burning your little fingers on those clipless curling irons grab a cotton glove from your fall/winter wardrobe and wear that while curling your hair.

#2: I love this clipless iron from Thairapy because it is 3 irons for the price of one. Saves you serious cash, space and amazing for travel so you can create lots of looks easily.

#3: Wanna double time your quick efforts? Slip on one of my face masks, curl and do your makeup while the curls cool. Magical. Glowy skin, bouncy waves in under 10 minutes. What the what?! It’s like Richard Simons for your beauty wardrobe.

#4: Want more quick hair looks? Check out my silly (yet applicable) Accessorize Video!

Join the Conversation

What other videos would you like me to make? are there any trendy hair or makeup looks you want to learn? What’s your daily go- to look?

Credits: top byZARA / earrings by Nordstrom / song by Celia Chavez


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A huge thank you to Refinery 29 for featuring our video this week. Yay!

I love getting to collaborate with the talented Claire Thomas (creator of blog The Kitchy Kitchen and host of TV show Food for Thought) to create fun lifestyle videos for you. This first one is called DATE NIGHT!   For a more detailed how-to on the Date Night look  watch these how to videos— Faux Bob + Smokey Eyes by Night.

How do YOU get ready for a date?


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If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ve probably heard me proclaim my love for Flash Tattoos. I discovered them one weekend while enjoying a BBQ with friends in Malibu. One of the ladies brought them out and turned the whole day into a flash fest! Mine lasted for 5 days and everywhere I went people would stop and ask me where I got it, what it was, and how unique they thought it was. The second go around I decided to bring them to my friends BBQ and of course they were incredible fun and dressed up my outfits for the next few days.

So what exactly are these tattoo stickers you ask?! Flash Tattoos are temporary, jewelry-inspired, metallic tattoos, that last up to 6 days of fun! fun! fun!

Wear them to the beach to dress up a simple black bikini. Or wear them with a wispy, summer dress and a pair of chic heels for drinks with your friends. I promise you, by the end of the night they will all be asking you where you got them. Check out some cool ways to wear them on our Flash Tattoo Pinterest board!

How To Apply Flash Tattoos

  1.  Make sure your skin is clean, dry and free of any oils.
  2.  Cut the tattoo as close to the edge as possible, as this will help you line it up better.
  3. If you want to position it in a hard to reach spot, ask a friend to help you.
  4. Remove the clear sheet
  5. Place the tattoo far down on your skin and hold a wet cloth against it for about 30 seconds.
  6. Carefully peel the paper aside, then pat gently with the wet cloth.
  7. Let the tattoo set for 10 minutes before stretching or twisting the skiing
  8. Tada- you’re done. Just make sure to avoid all oils or oil based products, as these will remove the Flash tattoo immediately.

Because we want to share this amazing product with you we are pairing up with Bikini.com for a special giveaway.


All you have to do is comment on this post, and you’ll be entered to win a set of awesome flash tattoos. The contest ends next Wednesday at 9AM, and we’ll be announcing the winner next Thursday. Good luck!

Thanks everyone who entered, our winner was Jennifer <3.


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