Best Hair from NYFW SS17

Best Hair from NYFW SS17

NYFW was so fun this year. I saw so much hair-spiration + the clothes were AMAZING. I wanted to compile a list of some of my favorites for you. I’ll be doing more in-depth how-to’s on some of these in the weeks to come, so keep checking back!


How great are all these updo-styles? Here’s the how-to:

1. Twist both sides of your hair back.
2. Secure into a ponytail.
3. Fold ponytail backwards, and wrap ends around elastic.
4. Secure with bobby pins.

1. Twist your hair from the back towards the front.
2. Secure it in a bun towards the top side of your head.
3. Leave the ends out and tease to create texture


1. Run a glossy, styling creme through your hair
2. Separate your hair into a top and bottom ponytail, at the top of your head (the crown) + the middle of your head.
3. Twist the two ponytails counter clockwise, and wrap the around the base of both ponytails.
4. Secure with bobby pins and spray with hairspray.


1. Part your hair down the middle, and tie it off into a low ponytail.
2. Braid your hair (loosely) + secure with a hair tie.
3. Fold the bottom of the braid under itself and wrap the ends around the base.
4. Secure with bobby pins.


Beachy waves are making a big comeback, with both Alexander Wang + Rag & Bone both doing their versions of the beach wave. Check out my video on creating salt-water waves here.

I also created a video that show you how to get those lazy, gorgeous lived-in locks, like the ones from Jonathan Simkhai here.

I also wanted to create a quick how-to on getting those shiny, chic looking waves from Christian Siriano.

Christian Siriano Polished Waves
1. Run hair oil through damp hair, and then blow dry straight.
2. Give yourself a middle part, and make sure your hair is straight everywhere.
3. Use a three-barrel wave curler to create waves from the middle of your hair to the ends.
4. Set your hair using hairspray.



These gorgeous half-up, half-down styles are a great way to keep hair off your face, while still wearing your hair down. Check back for full-tutorials on these styles soon!


Ponytails are in full-swing, having made the ultimate fashion week comeback. We especially love the belted ponytail from TIBI.


Which styles are your favorites? What fashion week hairstyles do you want me to re-create?