Beauty Undressed

Beauty Undressed

I’m excited to introduce a new series I have been working on¬†called Beauty Undressed.

It’s a new YouTube channel that will be exploring the Art + Business of Beauty. It will include educational videos + tutorials, interviews, and articles from Industry professionals.

The big difference between this new channel + my personal YouTube channel will definitely be the quality of content, especially pertaining to the tutorials. You’ll find salon-training quality style videos that really teach you the tricks of the trade.

Most of these videos will be available to rent for $1.99. This allows me to keep creating relevant + interesting content for you.

To launch this channel we have three basic hair how-tos: Red Carpet Waves, Big Blowout, and Undone Waves. These tutorials are designed for the new hairdresser or makeup artist looking to learn foundational looks for editorial and celebrity work.

Check out the trailers below, and subscribe to my new Beauty Undressed Channel.

Thank YOU so much for your support! If there are any specific how to’s or industry content you would love to see please comment on my channel.

Undone Waves Trailer

Watch the full video here.

Red Carpet Waves Trailer

Watch the full video here.

Big Blowout

Watch the full video here.