Bathroom Beauty with Kimi (DRÆMINGS)


Bathroom Beauty with Kimi (DRÆMINGS)

A few months ago we started a series called  “Bathroom Beauty”, where I take you into my personal bathroom and share unique hair and makeup how to’s and product recommendations. We started to think it would be fun and helpful if other women shared their bathroom routines and go to beauty products so we can all learn from eachother. Every girl has a few products she will give a go and then there are those “holy grail” sort of products that we swear by and can’t live without.

Kimi, who is a singer and musician , (you can hear some of her songs on my youtube videos) is also the operations manager of this beauty blog. She has the coolest style with her Patti Smith hair, milky white skin and Florence meets David Bowie attire.

In her video below she shares her secret for getting that just been kissed lip and her alternative to botox and fillers.



Kimi’s Bathroom Beauty

1. She swears by PRP treatments from Rejuvayou Medical Spa to help with acne scaring, wrinkles and skin texture. It’s a great natural alternative to botox and fillers.

2. She cleans her skin with a Mia Clarisonic and Rose Castille Soap. It gently exfoliates her skin, and preps it for the rest of her routine.

3.  After cleansing her skin, she preps her skin with this toner. She likes that it’s all natural and locally made!

4. She uses Rejuvayou Vitamin C Serum and this amazing anti-aging serum. Both help brighten and even out her skin tone, and help with fine lines!

5. As a moisturizer, she uses this rose hip oil. It gives her enough moisture without making her skin feel super oily!

6. Since she wear a lot of makeup when she performs, she likes keeping her  daytime makeup simple by using only this concealer, blush, lip tint and a discontinued mascara from CK One.

7. For performance looks, she uses this white out foundation, these bold eyeshadows and lots of glitter. Her onstage looks channel a lot of 1970s glam and 1980s goth superstars such as David Bowie and Siouxsie Sioux

8. Kimi swears by this hairline, she uses their shampoo, hair mask and revitalizing hair spray. It’s organic and doesn’t test on animals. She loves how healthy it makes her hair look!

9. Her holy grail item, however, is any dry shampoo she can get her hands on. She loves this one.


What do you think of Kimi’s Bathroom Beauty?  Who else would you love to see featured?



  • Her hair does look good. She has the kind of haircut that my husband would love me to get…