Menswear Checklist

Why go shopping when you can borrow from the boys?! Here’s my Menswear Checklist for what you take from their closet. These can be worn as intended *or* with a little twist — bow tie in your hair or on your wrist?? . . . . .

no.1 : SUNGLASSES { Rafferty Aqua Tonic by Warby Parker }

no.2 : CUFFLINKS { Engraved by TopMan }

no.3 : TIE { Skinny Tie by Steven Alan }

no.4 : HAT { Trucker by To Write Love On Her Arms }

no.5 : BOW TIE { Spring Floral by Everlane }

no.6 : BUTTON DOWN { Single Needle Shirt by Steven Alan }

no.7 : DRESS SHIRT { Classic Spread-Collar by J.Crew }

no.8 : SOCKS { Rugby Stripes by The Brooklyn Circus}

no.9 : WATCH { Fly-back Chronograph by Timex }

no.10 : JEANS { Levi’s }

no.11 : HANDKERCHIEF { Peter Plaid Pocket Square by Original Penguin }

no.12 : BAND T-SHIRT { Bob Dylan Tee by Rockabilia }

no.13 : BACKPACK { Brown Suede Printed Rucksack by TopMan }

no.14 : BLAZER { Ben Sherman }

What are some other steal-worthy items?

  • This is great Sunnie! Do you know any fun bloggers or have you ever created more articles that are more for men? I love learning all the new hair, skin care, and fashion for us girls, but I’d like to help my man out with the same things. Any ideas?