Growing out your Bangs

You took the plunge a few months ago and decided to go for a bang. It was a fun change and great for those colder months but now you’re tired of blowing them out and the maintenance of regular trims to keep them wearable. Oh what to do in that awkward grow out stage?! It can be a challenge to be patient enough to get your bangs to grow past your forehead to your cheek and then to your chin. Danielle shows you in this video how these three styles help make the grow out process look stylish with just a few simple tricks even if you do fancy keeping your fringe.

1. Barrette Beauty

Decorate your do with some of your favorite barrettes and hair accessories. Choose ones that have a good grip so they stay in place all day and don’t end up sliding out of your hair. If you do have slippery hair use a bit of dry shampoo to rough up the texture you are pinning or backcomb so the accessory has a cushion of hair to grip to.

2. Do the Twist

This look is great for super short bangs as you can bend the various lengths of hair into a twist and bobby pin it away.

3. Pump it Up

Blow dry your bangs up and back to create a look high on volume. Use my tease me kit that has a volumizing hairspray to keep the look in place and a teasing comb to give you lift.



  • Kiss & Make-up

    I’ve grown out my bangs more than once, and it’s such a pain in the ***! I like these in-between ideas though :-)